Is Your Relationship Missing the Connection You Crave? We Can Help.

ll relationships change over time, some for the better, others for the worst. If your relationship is missing the connection you crave, you are not alone. Our need for connection, a secure attachment, emotional stability, and relationship security are so important and some even argue that these are the foundation for a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

According to couples researcher, Sue Johnson, in a situation where you become physiologically stressed due to some sort of threat, simply holding your loved ones hand alters the brain so that the threat is perceived as less threatening, due to the connection we have with our loved one and knowing they are they to support us when we are in danger.

Relationships can feel unsafe or disconnected for many reasons. Life is unpredictable and how your partner will respond or how you respond to life's challenges can influence your relationship in many ways. Unexpected events that take place within your relationship can also influence a loss of intimacy and connection.

We all have that time when we can remember feeling that strong emotional connection to our partner and how wonderful it made us feel. It may seem as though it is not possible to recover that connection especially once it seems that it has been gone for far too long. Fortunately, this is not the case. One of the main techniques to help couples rediscover their connection is the softening of emotions. Meaning, in therapy, through the softening of emotions between two lovers, emotional bonding is created. Once emotional bonding is created, interactional processes tend to change, and eventually the relationship is redefined as connected and safe for both partners.

As human beings, we are relational creatures. Nothing in this world exists on it's own, without being in a relationship with another thing. We all crave the basic needs of connection, attachment, emotional intimacy, and the need to love and to be loved. You may have found yourself in this emotional struggle or emotional dance, perhaps the more you pursue your partner, the more your partner distances, and the more your partner distances, the more you pursue.

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